Our daughter, Christine, was 15 and in the spring of her freshman year when she tore her ACL. She was practicing with her club volleyball team and landed awkwardly. We had just entered a world that we knew little or nothing about. Her mom and I were both college athletes but knew little about ACLs. The first thing we immediately realized was that we had to find her the best surgeon that we could. He or she had to be someone who had done a lot of ACL repairs. We chose to use Dr. George Caldwell. We then quickly discovered that we had to make our 2nd and most important decision, which was where to rehab Christine’s knee. Dr. Caldwell said hands down without a doubt that Ed Smith and his team at Athletes Advantage was the place to go. We knew from our very first meeting with Ed that we were in the right place. Ed’s knowledge, expertise, and experience were obvious right away. Ed explained how his rehab process works and what would be required of us as well as where he would be taking us. He explained that rehab is a marathon and not a sprint and that if done correctly, we would all work together and have a great outcome. Boy was he right. We had a fantastic outcome. Christine committed in the spring of 2015 to attend the University of Alabama in 2017 on a full volleyball scholarship. This would not have happened without Ed’s passion and total dedication to helping kids achieve their dreams and goals. It’s truly inspiring the work that he and all of his team at Athletes Advantage do on a daily basis. As a parent, I also really enjoyed how Ed and Preston also have some great life lessons to teach along the way. I strongly recommend Ed Smith and Athletes Advantage for any type of rehab.

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