Upon receiving the news that my daughter ruptured her ACL playing soccer, her future as a player was uncertain. Sure, we heard about many others, we sympathized with their predicament, and we showed support during surgery and rehabilitation. It is a whole new ball game when it happens to your child. I researched, I interviewed other parents, I called in every favor I had, and that’s how I found Athletes Advantage and Ed Smith. From Day 1, they wrapped their arms around her and we never looked back. Ed has a way of getting into the teenage brain and knows how to interact to get the best possible results. He pushed her, gave her fantastic advice, knew when to reign her in, and guided her to become stronger and faster than ever before. She returned to the pitch prepared and game ready. Until it happened again. This time it was her other knee. There was absolutely no question who we wanted to rehabilitate her again. The second time around is both easier and more difficult in many ways. He knew exactly where her head was and dealt with her accordingly. Today, once again, she is strong, fast, determined and grateful. She is currently looking to play soccer in college. In fact, her experience has lead her to pursue a possible degree in Sports Therapy. I absolutely without a doubt recommend Ed Smith and Athletes Advantage to anyone looking for a Rehabilitation Therapist.

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