I brought my oldest son, Tyler, to Athletes Advantage in early 2004 just after they opened the business. My son was interested in getting personalized training in order to prepare to play high school football as a freshman. Immediately, he loved working with Ed and his team and couldn’t wait to “go workout”. 11 years and three D-1 football scholarships later, we can’t think of a better place for our three boys to develop their bodies, skills, and minds. We are not the norm for sure, and not every kid that works out here is destined for a scholarship, but our sons learned so much about developing their strength, speed, mental approach, rest, and how to get the most out of their workout efforts. Athletes Advantage has been a haven for them. Not only have they grown physically but also mentally. I think half of what Ed and his team do is push people past what they feel their limits are and give them the confidence to go beyond their own mental limitations. That confidence shows on the playing field in a big way. On top of the physical/mental part of the workouts, they genuinely cared about our sons. They helped with injuries, the proper legal supplements they should take, and even with schoolwork, because they genuinely cared about their success on and off the field—whether it was just to be a good high school athlete or beyond. They aren’t in it just for the “superstars”, although they really helped develop my sons into “superstars”. There are a ton of gyms and personalized training facilities out there now. But, none that will have trainers who genuinely care about your kid or you as much as Athletes Advantage. I mean genuinely care about their welfare, development, and wellbeing both physically and mentally. They will push hard to achieve results—great results, but they will insure that things are done the right way with no shortcuts. The biggest compliment I could give anyone is that I trusted Ed and his team with my kids and their results were pretty amazing.

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