Ed Smith was the greatest person I could have ever met after my injury to my rotator cuff, which required surgery. Ed really cares about his patients and their recovery. The rehabilitation process was the toughest challenge I ever had in my life. He exceeds any expectation you would have for a physical therapist or strength and conditioning instructor. His knowledge of these areas is unmatched, which gives the patients/athletes that work with him a true advantage for improvement and recovery. I am very thankful that I had his guidance through this process. I know many people who have had the same surgery as I did and none of them had the same positive results or recovery as me. Today, I have the same strength as I did before my injury, which is a direct result of working with Ed. When observing Ed, you can see his dedication to his athletes and patients. He has a heart of gold and is a man of great integrity and character. Thank you Ed Smith for making an impact in my and many lives in many ways!

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