I started training with Athletes Advantage in April of 2015. After recovering from a knee injury, I needed a place where I could fully regain my strength and abilities before returning to volleyball. My family and I had heard wonderful things about Athletes Advantage so we gave it a shot; thankfully! Ed Smith thoroughly evaluated me and shared a great deal of knowledge to get me off to a solid start. Preston Baez was training the group of Sports Transition athletes with whom I would train. He recognized our individual athletic abilities, so, instead of helping us discover and develop athleticism, he trained us to perfect it. In three months, the combination of group and private training with Preston really prepared me to get back playing and excelling. I was quicker and more explosive than I used to be, jumping higher, and, most importantly, subconsciously applying the physical fundamentals which he taught me. Always pushing you to excel is a personality trait most trainers have. The difference with Preston and the trainers at Athletes Advantage is they push you because they want you to excel.

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